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Richpeace Digitizer

Richpeace Digitizer is very useful in the following areas :Garment Industry, Fashion Designing, Mapping, Mining, Punching and Environment Protection. It allows saving most standard settings for more than 30 kinds of software in the option Parameters Setup and supports about 30 kinds of digital formats. It's friendly, compatible and easy to connect with most popular graphic applications.

Accurate: Richpeace Digitizer simplifies operation and provides high precision up to 0.127mm.

Powerful:Seven models, from A2 to A00, with 16-Button Cursor or 3-Button Pen Stylus, all available.It features faster point output rate than most digitizing tablets & supports WinTAB, which bases Windows95/Windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP platform.

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Richpeace Inkjet Plotter
Economical, high speed, highly accurate!

  • Easy to install and use
  • Requires minimum space and can be conveniently set against the wall
  • Electronic paper tension control insures precise plotting
  • Printing at high speed , without any compromise on the quality of printing
  • Compatible with other CAD systems by HPGL file
  • Disposable cartridge with HP technology
  • Automatic and manual head cleaning
  • Available for all types of paper (30g –65g)
  • Auto alarm when paper jam
  • Auto diagnosis to remind you of any problem when plotting
  • Simplified structure to reduce mechanical stress and ensure easy maintenance
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Richpeace Magic Flypen Plotter
Economical, high speed, highly accurate pen plotter for all your plotting needs

Richpeace latest generation model Magic Flypen plotter, is a reliable pen plotter, takes up 60% less space than expensive flatbed plotters, and can be installed within an hour. Well-designed keypads positioning allows the user to make speed and pen force adjustments during plotting. It allows you to import HPGL files from all popular CAD systems and queues files for continuous plotting. Good in reliability and performance, and simple to operate, Richpeace plotters are your smart choice.

  • Large volume ink with automatic ink feeding device
  • Overnight plotting
  • High-speed, high-accurate plotting
  • Occupies little space, noiseless, easy to operate
  • Restart at any position
  • Update American style
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Richpeace TM Series Cutter/Plotter
Continous cutting for exceeding long pattern and marker; Fine cutting even for 2mm thick paper board.

Richpeace TM series cutter/plotter solution, consisting of a fixed table cutter/plotter, automatic feed-up device and operating software, lets you produce all your patterns, samples and prototypes. Compatible with all popular CAD systems, it is used for garment, shoes and box-bag industry, etc. This, sturdy, high quality machine guarantees extreme precision and speed, regardless of the cutting conditions.

  • Continuous cutting for the long pattern and marker, and no need of dividing it into several parts
  • Continuous and non stop paper feed roll with an independent Roll Mechanical Device
  • Special and Durable material make the cutting surface smooth, cut easier and precise
  • Long & Hard Knife design for various materials like thick card board, PVC and plastic board, etc.
  • Breakthrough Tradition, Pattern Auto-Cutting, High Precision and Swiftness
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Richpeace Automatic Spreading Machines

Technical Characteristics:

  • Cradle with conveyor belt
  • Easy loading and unloading rolls
  • Automatic threading and rewinding fabric
  • Ability to program all steps in a spread
  • Adjustable edge side alignment by double sensor
  • Machine drives by encoder
  • Automatic high detector sensor
  • Robotic technology
  • Automatic start checks control when machine is switched on
  • Adjustable machine speed from 0 to 80 mts/min
  • Programming feeding
  • Digital touch screen
  • Automatic cutting device
  • Four-wheel drive (2X2)
  • Device to spread fabrics roll in reverse way
  • Self-adjusting brakes ramp according to speed of machine and programmed acceleration.
  • Security sensors emergency stop
  • Spreading any kind of fabric: Knitting fabric (open fabric, tubular, roll, book folded), and woven fabric
  • Any way of spreading: face up with clamps, face up without clamps, face down and zigzag.
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Richpeace Flashcut2500Dual Shaking Blade Leather Cutter
exact and fast high speed

Flashcut2500Dual with its New Mode Multiple usage Blade Head is both exact and fast high speed

  • Multi-tool head of new design to use and quickly change fixed and oscillating knives, prickers ,punchers and pen
  • Total CE safety guaranteed by a photocell protecting the cutting area
  • Best visibility of the patterns thanks to a high brightness projector
  • With FlashCut 2500 accurate dieless cutting is now easier and cheaper
  • The high speed in cutting and punching, the user friendliness and the low running costs make it the ULTIMTE solution for small and medium production runs for every company
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Richpeace Projector Production Leather Cutter

  • Changeable cutting head blade with multi-function
  • Shaking cut, punching, fix needle, Silver pen sign point
  • Vacuum adsorption is able to set to adsorb the partial small leather piece
  • Fast finish cutting the small batch order
  • Can fast cut the Dermis leather; Man-made Leather, Fiberboard, PVC etc.
  • Auto change between Blade. Pen and Punch
  • After finishing the pen drawing, and auto change to blade to cut the leather, then finish punching continuously; All actions work smoothly, easy & fast
  • The projector system is able to take the piece by right & left foot according to pattern name, size. Even if the operator is not skillful , he still could operate easy
  • Touch screen control system
  • Operate with the best intuition, all functions are suitable to every user. You could choose multiple kinds of language software version
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Shanghai Yin Science & Technology CAM Solutions

Shanghai Yin Science & Technology, a Japanese company based in China, specializing in the production of high end CAM solutions, with years of research and promotion has developed the advanced automatic cutting system with manpower saving, high efficiency and high precision. Shanghai Yin Science & Technology's production team consists of Japanese machinery experts. Customer service personnel are all trained in Japanese headquarter. The advantage of making machinery production localization into reality brings auto cutting system with high quality, best price and overall after-sales service to national garments makers.

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