Training School

India´s garment industry is one of the largest employers among all sectors, employing about 2 crore people. It's also one of the most dynamic industries that caters to not only the huge domestic industry, but has also conquered many demanding foreign markets, generating over Rs. 50,000 crore of yearly revenues.

Garment industry generates a whopping 10 lakh jobs a year in profiles ranging from CAD Operator, CAD Manager, Designer, Pattern Maker, Cutting Master, and Production Manager to jobs in various managerial positions.

Depending on your skill-sets, these jobs fetch you salaries starting from Rs 6000 to Rs 50,000 a month.

We provide you 110 hrs of professional training in convenient modules over 2 months, which familiarizes you with all aspects of pattern making and designing in the garment industry.

You learn to use a software that has a ready market.

So by the time you finish your training, we are ready to help you find a job in the industry. Our placement record has been almost 100 per cent matching of job seekers with recruiters.

We offer the following courses, which are designed to meet the needs of the garment industry.

Computer Aided Pattern Making, Grading, and Marker Making Course

  • Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Importance of CAD in a modern manufacturing firm
  • Introduction to PDS – the pattern making module which includes functions for onscreen pattern making and pattern modifications.
  • Introduction to GGS - the garment grading module which includes all the functions related to digitizing and grading a pattern.
  • Introduction to GMS - the marker making software for estimating fabric consumption and obtaining the cutting layouts.
Duration: 2 months, 3 hrs. per session.

Computer Aided Fashion and Textile Designing

E-Style and Sketch Studio

  • Making technical flat sketches, measurement specifications, and technical sheets.
  • 2D draping, designing the silhouettes, draping with scanned fabric, adding accessories, creating story boards and catalogues.

E- material and Colourway Studio

  • Creating woven and printed textures, setting them into a repeat ( straight, half drop, half shift )
  • Creating lace textures.
  • Creating colourways for printed and woven textures by auto change or manual change.
  • Developing woven textures using different types of weave structures like plain, twill, etc.

E- Photo and Draping Studio

  • Working on bitmap images for corrections, cropping, modifications,etc.
  • Creating transparency in an image.
  • Draping on photographs
Course Duration: 1 1/2 months, 2 hrs. each session.

Studio Next leverages its large network of customers in the garment industry to help you get a job that matches your skills-set after you complete your training.